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The Cinematographer Project is everything that is right in skateboarding

The first thing I did this morning was download the HD version off itunes. Already I’ve watched it twice, and for good reason. Transworld has always put out great videos but this one is a landmark for future films. The focus was on style, and innovation, specifically set on the filmers, rather than the skaters. Although, when you get the worlds best filmers involved, the talent isn’t too far behind. 

Each of the videos 145 skaters presents themselves in their own fashion, laying down heavy tricks one after the other. Not one section is a filler. Standouts include the Alien Workshop team riders(their end section will blow your mind), skate mafia crew and the Real team. 

But the real focus of this project was on the filmers. And each did an amazing job putting together their own part. I was a little worried about having each filmer working on one section. I thought it would make the video feel too broken up, but surprisingly enough the video flows well from section to section.

If you were on the fence about this one don’t be. It’s going to be one of the best videos of the year, if not the best. And if you were already planning on getting it, don’t waste anymore time, it’s well worth it. 

Evan Smith

Evan Smith

Tampa Pro

Finally the first big skate contest of the year, and one of the longest running pro contests. TAMPA PRO! always a good show, great energy and the best riders. 

So take some time to watch at:

And let us know who you think will be on the podium this year?

The Cinematographer Project

Most anticipated video so far this year for sure. Get ready for the most pogressive skating and filming from the best in the industry.

wow this was impressive

A lot of respect for the guy making these vidoes, and the skaters involved. 

(Source: fuckyeahdylanrieder)

Happy Birthday Torstein

Happy Birthday Torstein

Gravis release another amazing shoe, the Quarters, both in lifestyle and skate colorways.

One of the best rail riders out there…Ludwig