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Nicolas Muller


  • Burton
  • Nike Snowboarding
  • Oakley
  • Swatch
  • Atreebutes

Nicolas Muller…where to begin. Most new riders don’t know about this guy, but he’s one of the reasons you do most of the tricks you do today. Like Terje, Nico was an early innovator in the sport. In his early years Muller was a competition junkie, and won most of what he entered. With new tricks like a one footed corked 720, or one footed aly-oop McTwist, his fluid style has mesmerized viewers to this day. 

Unfortunately for all of us, Nico retired from the competition scene not to long ago. This doesn’t mean he’s done snowboarding. In fact, I’d say it’s more impressive to watch him now then before. Nicolas has taken to the backcountry riding mostly natural features. Muller is continuing his innovation by pushing the boundaries of the backcountry. He may not be doing the massive double corks like john jackson, but his lines, pillows, spins and grabs are all pre-meditated to the point that he flows from hit to hit, spine to spine and lands with such grace that you can’t help but stop and watch. 

Nicolas gets a lot of his style from riding with the legend Terje Haakenson. The two ride most of the season together and thus, Nico has almost identical looking riding. Which isn’t a bad thing to be grouped with riders like Terje. 

Nicos’ lack of competition has only enhanced his filming. He has always put out some amazing video parts in the past, but with his entire season dedicated to it, he is now pumping out some of the best parts we’ve seen from him. You can always count on Nicolas to have the best part in an Absinth film.

Look for this guy in the mags and in the videos. 

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